My awesome classmates from Clarion West 2011 can be found online here:

Alisa Alering
Alex Bear
John Coyne
Corinne Duyvis
Erik David Evan
Eliza Hirsch
Catherine Krahe
Jei D. Marcade
Jenni Moody
Mark Pantoja
David Rees-Thomas
Maria Romasco-Moore
Anne Toole
Nick Tramdack

Over the years, you do a couple of workshops, you go to a few cons, you have long, funny conversations about everything, you have a couple (or eight) drinks, and before you know it… friendships are born. Of course, only a few these writers and artists would help me hide a body, but the rest would surely come up with a plausible alibi.

Liz Argall
Elizabeth Bear
Halsted M. Bernard
K. Tempest Bradford
Sarah Brandel
Ana-Catrina Buchser
Kate Elliott
Minister Faust
Anthony Ha
Claire Humphrey
N. K. Jemisin
Mary Robinette Kowal
Chaney Kourouniotis
Grá Linnaea
Margaret Ronald
John Scalzi
Charles Stross
Vienna Teng
Candace West