Alberto Yáñez is a writer of fantasies, poetry, and essays on justice, agency and art, pop culture, and the absurdity of life. With the eye of a natural editor, he’s also a photographer with a documentarian’s approach to taking pictures.

Whether it’s a novella, a comic essay, or a black-and-white portrait, it’s all about the story. Stories are about who we are, and who we’re trying to be. More, they’re about who we were, and what we tell ourselves about it. Knowing what words to leave out is as important as knowing what words to put in. Likewise, in photography it’s knowing what your focus is and getting it in frame. Capturing the story and sharing it–that’s what Alberto is passionate about.

Among other things, Alberto Yáñez is a graduate of Clarion West and Viable Paradise. His middle name is Maximiliano, and you can follow him on Twitter @freelance_max.