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About being bi…

Given that nowadays I’ve got a half-dozen things going on at any moment (with at least another half-dozen that I should be doing instead of procrastinating on), I slipped on talking about Bi Visibility Day on the 23rd. I totally … Continue reading

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When rage is grief, and must come light

Since the election, my necessary rage has settled into banked coals with hearts of grief. I have never handled grief well. Anger is easier, and there are times when rage is exactly the right and needed response (and this is … Continue reading

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Journeys of a thousand li

There are many things I haven’t said too much about in public. The Dakota Access Pipeline, the ongoing shit show of American policing and our war on black folks, BLM, the ever-present cultural genocide of Native peoples, the horrible disrepair … Continue reading

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When the wolves come

One of the things that has always stuck with me from my early days in college was a discussion amongst my Jewish friends about what to do if (when) the wolves came. Do you have friends you could hide your … Continue reading

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So we’re clear:

I have no room for conciliation. I have no use for a false unity whose only purpose is to co-opt my consent to oppress me. I have no patience for calls to work together with those who seek to undermine … Continue reading

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In the forcing jar, does the bulb dream of spring?

It strikes me that sometimes my imagination is too small. When I started on this path, I did not begin to have anything beyond the vaguest outlines of how the choice to become a nurse would change me. Yes, yes, … Continue reading

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