and this would be why I went to a private university*

Okay, because this May my life plans got moved up for this fall semester, and I had to pack up my life and stuff and move it all into a 10′ x 10′ room, and I went to Clarion West for six weeks (make it seven counting travel), I really didn’t register for any of the classes I wanted/needed. I’m taking these classes at a local community college here in Lesser Outer Heck, which is fine, except that you need to speak with one of their counselors in person before they let you do anything, like register for classes. When I tried to do that in early June–oh, and they won’t schedule appointments in summer session, only walk-ins–the counselor I needed to speak with (the Allied Health guy) was out. Twice. And then I was out of state, so I couldn’t do anything because of the whole meeting with them in person requirement. Argh.

But, I’m an optimistic sort.

It’s all been making my life interesting for the last couple of days, and promises to keep things interesting until sometime next week.

See, I’ve been going from class to class, lecture to lecture, lab section to lab section trying to add the classes I want.

The only one that went off without a hitch is French 1, which–of course–is my for-fun class.

If I can get into labs for chem and bio, I’m fine. There’s space in the lectures, but you must be in a lab to take the lecture. No lab, no class, period.

So, the rest of my week is looking at getting whatever lab I can. Naturally, since I was unable to get into the system earlier, everything is already fully enrolled, and the official wait lists are full, too. Of course, tons of students are going to drop out of the classes half-way through, but that’s in the future and does me no good now. Because of the sheer press of bodies, I can’t even sweet-talk the instructors: it’s pretty much by who’s next on the list, or–if I’m lucky–by lottery for any potentially open spots.

Neither my charm nor the fact that I’m not going to drop the classes is of help to me. You have no idea how grating that is, on a deeply personal level. (Also in top news, the universe does not revolve around me…)

Odds are quite good that I’m not going to be able to apply to RN programs starting in fall 2012, simply because the pre-reqs aren’t available to me this semester. That isn’t necessarily the worst thing, but it is aggravating.

There are slim (but real) chances that I can get my classes. If not all, then some. That would be good. Here’s hoping that it works out.

*where they coddled the fuck out of us

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