busy, busy, busy

There’ll be a real post later this weekend, but for now some highlights:

  • I’m furiously trying to get content up on my new official website. By which I mean, I’m grabbing stuff from [there] and trying to make it all coherently organized over [here].
  • My apartment is full of boxes. Boxes everywhere. But I was able to have dinner last night on my own plates, with my own cutlery.
  • The adhesive on contact paper smells horrible.
  • I am really liking my new new school and classes. Maybe it’s just that since the classes I’m now taking are definitely on-track for various careers, the students are more engaged, but it’s kind of fantastic how when the professors ask a question, students will actually volunteer an answer.
  • My senior-aged professor casually talking about her wife? AWESOME.
  • I need blackout curtains for my bedroom.
  • A rat’s mesentery is actually a really pretty thing. It’s like lace.
  • Must needs buy a vacuum cleaner. Also, a dresser.
  • My story gets published on Monday. As others have mentioned, working with editor Karen Meisner is a fantastic experience. She really helped improve and polish the story, for which she has my eternal gratitude.

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