So we’re clear:

I have no room for conciliation.

I have no use for a false unity whose only purpose is to co-opt my consent to oppress me.

I have no patience for calls to work together with those who seek to undermine my humanity.

I have no respect for those who hate that I dare to believe that I am worthy and equal under the law.

I have no pity for those who would use my empathy to harm me.

I have no time for pleas for a tolerance that demands that I submit to harm in order to satisfy the egos of casual bigots.

I have no deference for the complacency of people who think that their momentary pity and empty gestures are sufficient to prove their alliance with those of us in danger and redeem themselves from complicity.

I have no compassion for those that sell me out, that sell out other people for the illusion of safety, thinking that throwing another person into the dark waters will be enough to satisfy the crocodiles of hate.

I have no love for those who demand my future as the grist for the wheels of their thieving prosperity.

I have no obligation to sacrifice myself on the altar of another’s injustice.

I have rage, and I have determination, and I have a fierce love for justice, and I have the courage to do the work.

I have belief that if you have these, too, we can work together for all of us.

I have faith that we can fight, and that we can triumph.

I have hope that we can create light in a dark time.

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