first week

A quick post to give proof of life.

I’m alive. The first week of Clarion West has been awesome in that I’ve learned and relearned so much of the fundamentals. Am I applying it yet in the story that I’m writing for next week? Well… it’s a first draft, right?

My classmates are all amazing in various ways, and while it’s early days yet, I’m amused at how personalities are unfolding. Who has the sly wit, who can be counted on to be one of the responsible adults, whose insights are sharper than they can possibly have any right to be because they hit down to the truth, who is charming, who is best experienced in small doses… and how my own need to be useful and clever play out in this mix.

Sometimes I forget that damn, I’ve got a mouth on me. No real faux pas, but I should still engage my filter a bit more outside of class/critiques.

I mean, dude, I could wait until week two for some of those stories, yeah? Then again, I am, mostly.

But I’m getting new work done and it’s all exciting and scary and dread-full and awe-full and I am incredibly happy and grateful to get to do this.

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