One week down…

The Clarion West Write-a-thon has gotten off to a slow start for me.

I admit, I needed a few days of just vegetating and absorbing ridiculous television, post-finals. Then I drove 700 miles to visit my people in California. That’s where I’m writing now, while I see my family and friends for a couple of weeks. Not quite conducive to being productive.

And yet, needs must. So, I’ve gotten one of my CW stories rewritten. Now I just have to figure out the best market for it. Humor, a talking dog, Paris, divorce, a sex scene, 3,000 words. Any ideas?

Yeah, I’m not quite sure, either.

Next is some more work on the new novel chapters, while my hind-brain cogitates on how I’m going to make my other two stories work. Wish me luck.

If you haven’t yet, and are interested in supporting my campaign, please visit my Write-a-thon profile page. Any amount would be appreciated. (And please let me know if you’ve donated, so I can include you in my weekly update messages.)

Now, here’s a dog for you:

This is not the talking dog from the story.

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