pass the gin–no, the entire bottle

For those of you keeping track at home, I had three stories to critique last night once I had turned in mine.

I did, in fact, critique them. Very early this morning.

Last night, I was sidetracked by my classmates and a bottle of gin.

I’m really enjoying that part of this experience.

The part I’m not liking so much?

The insecurity.

Having turned in my story and having people reading it and working on their critiques today, I am completely and utterly afraid that they’re going to hate it and think it sucks.

Like to the point where I’m reading WAY more into their expressions when we cross paths than I should be.

Well, by noon tomorrow at the latest, my story will have been critiqued. The pain will have been felt and moved beyond.

I only have to do this four more times.


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