Added a lab section today, which means that I get to sign up for lecture, too. Which means I get all the classes I need for this semester.

Next semester, I’ll need a whole bunch more, but now I’m getting the pre-reqs for those out of the way. Which in turn gets all my pre-reqs out of the way, which means that I should be able to apply for RN programs for next year. Depending, of course, on the program–if they allow you to apply while still finishing up the reqs, or not. Most, but not all, seem to allow it. We’ll see what happens.

It’s nice to have a frigging idea of what my schedule for the next several months looks like, though. Wednesdays are going to be hellish, unless I can transfer my chem lab section; I might once there are more students dropping. Right now, Wednesday is an 8am until 9:30pm affair. Which is not my idea of fun.

But for a few weeks, fine.

I don’t have class until noon (at the earliest) the other days. That’s something, at least. I do have one class on Fridays, but it’s just an hour. So, if I wanted, I can start my weekends on Friday at 1pm. Small joys, people. Small joys.

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