really, now

I bought more art.

I’m hopeless, helpless, and a little insane.

Also, profligate.

I didn’t mean to.

(All right, let’s just ignore the fact that since I clearly got out my checkbook and wrote the damn checks, I obviously meant to.)

But they were just so pretty.

See, I went to the Open Studios at Hunters Point Shipyard on Saturday. It’s an all-day sort of affair, and magnificent for seeing lots of good and interesting art (and some that isn’t, but honestly–TONS of great stuff). I’ve been going for a couple-three years now. So I’ve seen some of the work, and met some of the artists.

One piece, I knew I was going to buy. I had that planned for. It was in the budget. That would be this one, 10 Places to Nest, by Dimitri Kourouniotis. He’s the husband of a longtime friend (hey, Ch.!), and I’d been talking about getting one of his for about a year now. It was time.

But I had also been in painful artistic want of the work of Robin Denevan for a couple of years now, since my first Open Studios. After a day’s worth of wrangling (seriously, I didn’t get as hard a hard sell when I pledged my fraternity as I did from him), I got two of his small works, Delta Shores and Along the River Bank. They’re individual works, but if you hang them together, with Along the River Bank on the left, they work incredibly well as a two-season diptych, and that’s how I’ve chosen to display them.

I also got a minor untitled mixed-media painting (on paper) by Joshua Burbank, which is lovely and was blessedly cheap. It features a view up the facade of a cathedral that I’m sure I recognize but can’t think of its name or location, save that it’s probably in Spain, with a woman’s face in the sky and clouds above. [My friend] bought a fine print of one of his paintings, Conquistadora, which is magnificent.

I’m hosting an open house housewarming this Sunday (yes, I forgot it’s Mother’s Day; a) I’m Mexican, and every day is Mother’s Day, b) el día de las madres is celebrated on the 10th of May every year, c) my mother is a Jehovah’s Witness, and so doesn’t really celebrate most holidays, secular or otherwise, and d) I’m going home the next weekend to visit, okay?), so I will be taking plenty of photos of my place, including the art. I’ll finally show you all what my place looks like now that I’ve gotten settled.

Also, if you’d like to come to the party, you are welcome. Drop me a note and I’ll send you the details.

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